Established in 2013

Heatscoring was founded 2013 to help kiteboarding competitions to easily organise heats and live scoring without the use of expensive equipment or the hassle of pen and paper.
For the last years, Heatscoring has been the preferred scoring system for both the biggest international and smaller local competitions all over the world, eg in Cape Town, Maui, Australia, Spain, France, Denmark and more.
For us, it’s important that the system is user friendly, very fast and reliable, and a huge help for judges, organisers and last but not least – the competitors!

  • Judges can score the riders on tablets, cellphones or computers
  • Trick callers can be used to only count unique trick once, or just to help judges call tricks to use for variety scores
  • A head judge can oversee scores, called tricks, crashes, variety scores etc and make the call to confirm results
  • Competition organisers can automatically build competition ladders, confirm heat results, automatically update future heats and easily manage the whole competition right on the beach
  • A live stream can easily add a multitude of valuable overlays to show live scoring, heat results, active and future heat information etc
  • The audience both on site and all around the world can follow the competition scoring live, with every trick being made and every score being set

This is what heatscoring.com is and how it started!
We look forward to your stay.